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Gearing up for a complicated family legal battle? Need representation and defense for a criminal charge? You’ve come to the right attorney. The Kistler Law Firm PLLC provides unwavering assistance for individuals in need of steadfast and compassionate legal services.

Our attorney goes the extra mile to protect, represent and defend those in criminal or domestic legal battles around Morehead City. One call to our attorney, and you’ll see why he has become one of the most reliable for legal assistance. Bring your worries to The Kistler Law firm, and we’ll work together to find a resolution to your issue.


Gearing up for your personal battle

Come to The Kistler Law Firm with your legal matter. Our attorney has worked with a number of clients facing different dilemmas on the spectrum of both criminal and domestic law. Trust our Morehead City, NC attorney for assistance with:

Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or filing for divorce, our Morehead City attorney will be your legal advocate throughout the entire process. With unwavering support and a solid plan, we can work together to reach a favorable outcome in your situation.

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Protecting your rights and your interests is our attorney’s number one goal. If you’re searching for a criminal defense, child custody or divorce attorney in Morehead City, NC, reach out to The Kistler Law Firm for assistance.

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